Why Choose HLB Ireland?


HLB Ireland, through its member firms,
offers audit, advisory and taxation services
across the entire island of Ireland.
Each member firm is a leader in its local
marketplace with recognised expertise advising
key sectors of the Irish economy.



HLB Ireland - Inspired Expertise


HLB Ireland's member firms are auditors,
accountants, insolvency appointment takers,
tax structuring experts, restructuring specialists,
negotiation experts, outsourcing consultants,
compliance advisers, to name but a few of our



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HLB Ireland member firms are active members of
the business community participating in
professional associations, the Chambers
of Commerce, as well as writing technical
articles and contributing to business publications.



HLB Ireland | Key Offering

  • Complementary services mean members can work together to meet all client needs
  • Geographic spread gives easy and direct access to partners for clients across the entire country
  • Balanced resources across members mean resourcing for a particular project is never an issue
  • Strength in diversity, with different backgrounds and specialisms HLB Ireland members unify to present a holistic service offering greater than the sum of its parts

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HLB International appoints new member in ...

HLB International appoints new member in Switzerland

New addition to the network

HLB International, one of the leading global accountancy networks with presence in 140 countries, continues its growth with the recent signing of a new member firm in Switzerland – Veco Group.

Veco Group is based in Lugano, a city in Southern Switzerland’s Italian-speaking Ticino region. Established in 1998, the firm provides Tax and Estate Planning, Establishment and Management of Trusts/Foundations, Incorporation and Administration of Companies and Asset Management. 

Antonio Mandra, Managing Partner of Veco Group, commented: “It is a great pleasure to join the HLB International family. With our experience as corporate and tax advisers, we now have the ability to benefit from an international network, as well as local consultants, who have specific knowledge in the jurisdictions our clients do business in. It is very important for us to be able to assist our clients not only with providing relevant advice but also with the execution of this advice. We know that with HLB International we have found a great match for our business. We look forward to sharing with the HLB International colleagues our experience and capacity of structuring, administration and management of companies and banking assets.” 

Veco Group will work closely with the other HLB members and makes a great addition to our coverage across Europe. 










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HLB International appoints new member in ...


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